Hospitality and catering

Learning in this area covers customer service, food safety and hygiene, event planning and organisation.

Employment opportunities in this sector include people-facing roles (eg event organisers, waiting and bar staff, wedding co-ordinators, event stewards) and back office roles (eg chefs, riggers, maintenance workers).

We found 130 challenges in the Vocational area 'Hospitality and catering'

Challenge Level NLH
The learner will research and explore the reign of our current monarch Queen Elizabeth II and plan a street party to celebrate her Platinum jubilee.
Entry 3  30
The learner will participate in a range of activities in a café context as a customer.
WTE1  30
The learner will explore textures of different ingredients and equipment during baking sessions.
WTE1  10
The learner will use a grater safely and appropriately on several occasions.
Entry 1  10
The learner will use taste and smells to explore a variety of ingredients used in baking.
WTE1  10
The learner will be able to use their senses to explore the ingredients before and after they are mixed together.
WTE1  10
The learner will demonstrate the use of different kitchen measures.
WTE1  10
The learner will be able to clean horse tack.
Entry 3  20
The learner will prepare a range of simple meals, individually or as part of a group.
Entry 2  10
The learner will develop skills and independence in preparing snacks.
WTE1  20