Learning in this area covers music, performance, visual arts, design, fashion, film, TV and radio.

Employment opportunities in this sector include practical crafts (eg design, animation, film production) as well as supporting roles (eg scriptwriting, sound engineering).

We found 33 challenges in the Vocational area 'Media'

Challenge Level NLH
The learner will show an understanding that there are different types of animation, begin to understand that a good animation has a twist and use this knowledge to create their own animation.
E2  10
The learner will develop their understanding of different art styles and techniques and the skills needed to produce a piece of artwork.
E3  10
The learner will be able to produce three different items using a range of craft techniques.
E3  10
The learner will explore the culture and traditions associated with Wales and participate in a range of activities.
E1  10
The learner will be able to recall key facts from different news events, locally, nationally and from around the world.
1  10
The learner will carry out research and create a story in the medium of Manga, writing appropriately for purpose and a specific audience.
1  30
The learner will develop their functional digital media skills to create digital content using a range of appropriate hardware and software.
E1  20
The learner will be able to understand the roles that characters and settings have within films and share and present their ideas.
E3  20
The learner will be able to present words in graffiti lettering, with appropriate colouring and shading.
E2  10
Learners will be able to use a digital camera and use computer software to edit their images.
E2  20
The learner will listen to and identify different musical elements and styles of music, play musical instruments in a group and plan a trip to watch a musical performance of their choice.
E3  30
The learner will demonstrate how to use video editing software to edit a video.
E1  10
The learner will be able to present a variety of Aboriginal-style art designs using Aboriginal symbols and appropriate colouring.
E1  10