Physical education

This subject inspires young people to participate in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. It involves becoming physically confident and healthy and develops attributes such as resilience, fairness and respect.

We found 94 challenges in the Subject area 'Physical education'

Challenge Level NLH
The learner will develop skills in following instructions and independence in swimming activities.
WTE1  30
The learner will demonstrate they can follow simple instructions while participating in visits to local outdoor venues.
WTE1  20
The learner will have gained the necessary skills to be able to lead small groups for short periods of time in a sport setting.
Level 1  20
The learner will take part in daily physical activities and use a system to record their participation.
WTE1  10
The learner will experience water play and swimming / hydrotherapy activities, demonstrate a response to the water and develop confidence around water.
WTE1  10
The leaner will be able to state the reasons for warming up and cooling down when participating in sport and identify the positive or negative effects of taking part or not taking part sport.
Entry 2  10
The learner will develop the basic skills required for fishing.
Entry 3  20
The learner will be able to identify and use correct brushes in order to groom a horse correctly and show safe working practice.
Entry 2  20
The learner will be able to identify the equipment required and a range of rules for sitting volleyball and demonstrate the ability to take part in a match as a member of a team.
Entry 3  10
The learner will acquire basic cricket skills.
Entry 2  10
The learner will understand the basic rules of hurling and the equipment needed to play.
Level 1  10
The learner will learn the importance of being physically active and how to train safely. They will research what it means to be a role models, the winning mentality and benefits of goal setting.
WTE1  10
The learner will develop leadership skills, grow in confidence, and improve: communication, organisation, teamwork, and responsibility.
WTE1  10
The learner will be able to recognise, identify and demonstrate a range of skills required to participate in Rebound Therapy.
Entry 1  10