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Centre registration

Centres must register with ASDAN before starting to use Lifeskills Challenge. You can sign up by completing the online Centre Registration FormThere is an annual registration fee of £364.00 +VAT*.

If your centre is already registered with ASDAN you can add Lifeskills Challenge to your existing registration.

Learner registration

In order to download and start work on your chosen Challenges, you must purchase registrations for your learners. Learner registration costs £17.30* per person. This registration lasts for 12 months, during which time the learner can complete as many Challenges as required. The price includes one certification opportunity, along with the option to download Statement of Achievements along the way.

You can now also purchase a 'Registration Extension Fee' of £10.00* for each learner to allow for a 2nd year of registration. At this point challenges completed will roll on to the 2nd year and certification is deferred until the end of this 2nd year.

* Prices valid until August 31st 2019.