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The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

Challenge reference: 2968

Curriculum areas GeographyHistoryLearning
Notional learning hours  30
Level E3
Learning aim

Learners will research the Cuban Missile Crisis by participating in group activities and visits and present their findings in the form of a board game.

ASDAN skills LearningUse of IT
Learning context

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Learning outcomes

What the learner needs to know, understand or be able to do

The learner will:

Assessment criteria

What the learner need to demonstrate in order to meet the learning outcome

The learner can:


Be able to participate in a museum visit and complete required activities.

  • Participate in a visit to a RAF museum
  • Complete guided teacher activities to learn about the Cuban Missile Crisis through artefacts eg. treasure hunt

Be able to demonstrate knowledge of the Cuban Missile Crisis, through the creation of a board game.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis by producing a board game which includes at least six points of relevant and accurate historic information

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