Writing using persuasive language

Challenge reference: 4886

Notional learning hours  20
Level Entry 2
Subject area
Learning aim

The learner will identify some of the key features of persuasive writing and apply these in their own writing.

Learning context

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Learning outcomes

What the learner needs to know, understand or be able to do

The learner will:

  1. Listen and respond to persuasive texts.

  2. Write three or four paragraphs of a persuasive text.

Assessment criteria

What the learner need to demonstrate in order to meet the learning outcome

The learner can:

    • Explain why people write persuasive texts
    • Express an opinion
    • Speak in 1st person
    • Give evidence and examples to reinforce points 
    • Use persuasive words and phrases
    • Express an opinion
    • Distinguish between fact and opinion
    • Provide evidence and examples to reinforce points of persuasion
    • Write in 1st or 3rd person, present tense
    • Use persuasive words and phrases
    • Write an opening paragraph signposting the main point
    • Write a concluding paragraph re-stating a point of view
    • Structure writing in topic paragraphs