Local history

Challenge reference: 7303

Notional learning hours  10
Level WTE1
Subject area
Learning aim

The learner will be able to participate in activities related to local history.

Learning context

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Learning outcomes

What the learner needs to know, understand or be able to do

The learner will:

  1. Be able to visit local places of historical significance and record the visit.

  2. Be able to participate in practical  role play activities related to local history.

Assessment criteria

What the learner need to demonstrate in order to meet the learning outcome

The learner can:

    • Visit at least two places of historical significance locally, e.g harbourside, museums, SS Great Britain
    • Take photos of local places of historical significance, with support
    • Sort photos into old and new, with support to look at black and white or colour
    • Engage with items used in role play activities related to local history e.g. old shop tills and money; fancy dress; famous local characters; bridge building