Interpreting texts

Challenge reference: 3159

Notional learning hours  20
Level Level 1
Subject area
Preparing for Adulthood pathway
Learning aim

The learner will develop both reading skills and their vocabulary. The focus is on developing skills related to interpreting a range of texts.

Learning context

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Learning outcomes

What the learner needs to know, understand or be able to do

The learner will:

  1. Understand the main events of different types of continuous text.

  2. Be able to use reading skills to develop their vocabulary.

Assessment criteria

What the learner need to demonstrate in order to meet the learning outcome

The learner can:

    • Recognise how language is used to achieve different purposes, such as:
      • to instruct
      • to explain
      • to describe
      • to persuade
    • Recognise implied meaning in text
    • Infer meaning from images as well as text
    • Use organisational and structural features to locate information including:
      • contents
      • index
      • menus
      • subheadings
      • paragraphs
    • Identify main events and specific details
    • Explain how different reading strategies can be used to locate information for different purposes
    • Use reference material effectively to find the meaning of unfamiliar words
    • Apply knowledge of the following to understand words and their meaning:
      • word structure
      • related words
      • word roots
      • derivations
      • words borrowed from other languages
    • Apply knowledge of prefixes to help find meaning